Reasons why I didn’t like La La Land #unpopular opinion 

  1. It’s a musical, but I can’t recall a single song from it.  In contrast, I saw The Lion King 23 years ago – and can sing every last note of every last song.
  2. La La Land was a timeless love story (I’m kidding) that featured those memorable characters Gemma and Steve?  Emma and Sven?  Seriously, the credits had rolled before I remembered what their names were.
  3. The only way those two were going to have any chemistry was someone buying them a cement square, a test tube and a Bunsen burner.  Two of the most boring characters ever – who were so not into each other.
  4. Tell me the plot of the movie – go on, I dare you.  What happened again?
  5. It feels like they are trying to pay homage to the old movies.  And now, for Ryan Gosling’s impression of Gene Kelly…
  6. BONUS: The one thing I really liked: Emma Stone’s wardrobe.  Prediction? Mod Cloth will sell out of yellow sundresses.

If you want to go and see a movie with an element of feel-good whimsy and hopeful technicolour – I’d stick with Amelie or Midnight in Paris.  La la land feels a bit like musical-by-numbers, but doesn’t quite add up…


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