London Fashion Week is drawing to a close, and BBC News have reported how change is a-foot in the fashion industry: changes like ‘seasonless fashion’.

What is Seasonless Fashion?

This simply means buyers don’t have to wait 6 months to get their hands on the clothes – they can buy them right away.  In effect, there is no ‘Autumn/Winter’ or ‘Spring/Summer,’ anymore.  In September, you can buy clothes for next Summer…you can buy them right now.

This tells us a lot, not only about the state of the world, but the state of our climate.

Do people want seasonless fashion because they are travelling more frequently, globally?  Australia one week, then Sweeden the next?

Is it that global warming means, where-ever we live, our climate has changed? Increasingly wet winters (in my part of the world) negate the need for the wool coat…

Or is all this just an example of global consciousness.  We want to buy spring dresses in September because we follow a sunny other-side-of-the-world designer on Instagram – and we want to share their ‘California State of Mind?’

Of course – there are industry insiders who don’t like all this.  They prefer the rarity of the fashion industry, the exclusivity, the wait list… I prefer the idea of the now.

The clothes we wait 6 months for, can literally be out of season.  The September weather can be so nice, it means you can wear that Spring dress, that’s just paraded down the catwalk.  What’s worse is the other alternative – freezing on the high street, knowing coats won’t really be readily available for months.

All hail seasonless fashion, because we all know – long may it rain….


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