Happy Batman Day everyone!  The Caped Crusader has been with us since 1939!  So let’s play a party game:

Tell me what Batman’s superpower is…

Give up?

The answer: Money.  Cold hard cash.

He’s not an alien like the Man of Steel, he’s not a mutant like Bruce Banner, he’s just a man, with a lot of money.

So what does that mean for Batman Day in 2016?

How relevant is a ‘superhero’ whose only ‘super power’ is the size of his bank balance?

Maybe this is why it’s so easy for Batman to tip over to the dark side, to be seen so easily as the villain?  

We can dress up as Batman on halloween, but unless we win the lottery, we’ll never get the car and we’ll never get the gadgets.  We are the counterfeit, he is the designer.

In the modern world, and the current global climate – maybe Batman will only be relevant when he goes bankrupt? 


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